Ler See Mission


Healthcare is an elementary necessity. We believe that it’s one of the key measures of a country’s evolution and development and we have faith in that it should be available to everyone. We carry on to dedicate ourselves to serving the sick and the needy.


We hold the commitment to education is long-term. We realize education as the foundation for the development of human civilization and technology, as well as the wellbeing and prosperity of people. We accept as true that education is the keystone of an innovative, loving and technically motivated humanity.


We are committed to global warming prevention, resource conservation, and ecosystems preservation as one of the pillar of our vision. Our goal is to achieve a more sustainable society by promoting global production that reduces the environmental burden of a product throughout its life cycle. As a milestone on the way to realizing this Environmental Vision, we sketched up the plans such as forum, recycling activities and etc, looking ahead to Green Future.



To be endlessly involved in fund-raising activities and events for the welfare of all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion and creed, especially the children.


To provide financial aid and relief supplies to those with extreme needs such as underprivileged people, students, environmental protection & healthcare assistance and to provide activity-based resources that will help guide them away from today’s social ills.


To give the students the opportunity to discover their self-worth and develop their fullest potential and that they may live fuller, more meaningful lives for the future.