Our founder

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“We began with the broad idea of using the wealth we had been blessed with to aid those less fortunate than ourselves. Today’s world has an endless number of compelling social issues, and without a concentrated effort, our impact would be diluted. We needed a clear focus in order to get the most out of our resources.

Over time, we realized that we could maximize our social impact by addressing the needs of healthcare, education & environmental issues. From this epiphany came a clear mission: to help & serve the healthcare, education and environmental programs, and in doing so, cultivate a spirit of philanthropy in the next generation.

Finally, we urge and wish to encourage all of us in the country that if we are in a position to do right thing, that we shall go beyond the traditional belief. we believe that all the colleagues in the foundation and our family are – and will remain – as committed as we are to serve our causes, reshaping destiny through healthcare, education & environmental and seeking efficient initiatives that can forever help those in need.”